Friday, December 4, 2009


Interesting development. I read this early this morning. I think the rational of the British Military/Government is correct in its conclusion that nothing has proven to be a direct threat to the Uk and its air space.. National security is the bottom line and there has been no direct threat ever recorded that is publicly known thus far. Here in ... See MoreCanada we are in the same boat as well. Our documents that were released show no threat as well. Early days there was a concern voiced about airspace and national security and was studied. Conclusions were the same as the UK. Another couple of issues are the obvious, money and the giggle factor. This also hopefully signifies a more over possibility for a complete shift and move for global disclosure, thus not needing departments to investigate and waste money on an issue that the answer is already known.There has been a wide sweeping change in direction from the more professional communities of religion and sciences towards the idea of extraterrestrial life. EG: the Vatican, Moon water, Mars water, Mars Methane, Mars Meteorite with fossilized microbes, images of other exoplanets like ours. The list continues and now several military and governments around the world coughing up their X files so to speak and now this. All individually seems like not much, but combined in a bigger picture points to something that may be profound. All we need now is SETI to come forward and spill some news of a confirmed signal.
Sorry for the long winded dribble, but I think it is a big decision and development in the world of Ufology .
Thanks Slushpup

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