Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mars Rocks Show Microbial Life.


Martians in Britain

Posted: 12:33 December 2, 2009

Close-up encounter ... pictures said to show fossilised microbacteria Slideshows 'Life' from Mars ... detailed meteorite surface

NASA scientists believe these are the first pictures of a colony of Martians - in the UK.

The microscopic aliens are on a slice of a meteorite in London's Natural History Museum.

The scientists, who used a scanning electron microscope to take snaps, say the bumpy surface resembles a fossilized colony of micro bacteria - a simple form of life.

The meteorite from Mars fell on Egypt in 1911.

This for me is now evidence that life exists beyond our own globe.. This is confirmation of something I have known all along. It is a milestone for mankind to see this, yet the mainstream media is barely covering it???? Crazy something like this says life no matter in what shape or form does exist on one of our closest neighbors.. So that says also that the possibilities are astronomical and far beyond the known and accepted drake equation. the numbers would exceed our comprehension. Microbial bacteria from Mars.. Okay it isn't an ET saying hello but it is a start. For me I can say now 100% without hesitation. We are not alone.

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