Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fall of 1990 in Eastern Canada.Nova Scotia,Cape Breton.

Fall of 1990 in Eastern Canada.Nova Scotia,Cape Breton.

1990-09-00 Small circular balls appear;power is lost;larger mothership appears behind cloud;power is returned;rcmp are called;lost memory NS, CA


Long Description of MUFON Sighting Report

In the Month of September in 1990,I am home with my 2 children,ages 4 and 15.Was cooking a pizza in the oven around 7:00pm that night,I went outside to have a cigarette and tea.I noticed lights in the back of our woods,that were bright and circular,and were moving around very slow.Zig Zaging maneuvers.I became scared and yelled through the backdoor for my Daughter to get the baby.The power flickered on and off and then went completely off.My Daughter arrived with the child wrapped in a blanket and handed him to me.The power is still off and we are standing at the back step.And that moment a larger craft appears on the edge of our land line.I told my Daughter to take the child and hide upstairs.The smaller white balls changed colors from white to yellow as I was watching and it met the larger craft.(The Larger Craft was gigantic,and resembled a huge saucer with yellow lights)Then I got angry with what I was seeing and I went into the woods to Challenge what I was seeing,and I lost all of my memory after this,And I'm am having a hard time discerning the truth from the actual event.To my knowledge is the truth.I vaguely remember the rest of the event but to my knowledge I was able to make it back to the house,I was very tired and I remember making a phone to the RCMP to come and investigate.And I remember now that my Head was in severe pain.I then went to check on the children and they were resting peacefully in my daughters bed.Then I moved the children to my room because I was scared and didn't know what was going on or what was happening.I rested with them until The RCMP arrived at around 9:30 pm that night.I gave them my report and they we're going to keep a surveillance on the house for the remainder of the night.Because I was so distraught from what I witnessed and experienced.The RCMP came with a camera and took pictures of the area where I made the sighting.The RCMP told me they believed my story so they did a perimeter check but did not enter the woods.They took pictures of the surrounding area but found nothing.Then tea and coffee we're offered to them and we conversed about the event.It seemed as though they believed me.While the RCMP were there the lights flickered on and off again.But the power was kept.And then they suggested an electrical problem.Then the RCMP returned to their vehicle,wrote up a report and left.At that moment I locked all doors and windows,took in the dog and cats and went to bed for the rest of the night.Which was around 10:30 pm that night.And That night was very quiet and nothing to my knowledge happened after that.And when I woke up and I was feeling strangely happy not knowing why.That is my story
Thank you
This is all true and happened in the Fall of 1990 in Eastern Canada.Nova Scotia,Cape Breton.

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