Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here is a report from Russia again. But this time it is a little different. This is a direct translation from the article. Here is a question for the skeptics of rods. I live in a similar climate as this part of Russia. And I really need to know what kind of insect would be out in the freezing temperatures? Because here we have no insects in the winter that fly.


Above the Kremlin have fixed one more UFO

The flying object in the form of a pyramid above the Kremlin which has stirred up the Internet as it has appeared, was "first signs" in a turn of invasion of UFO. In sign day on December, 21st, 2009 at 19 o'clock 58 minutes the press photographer of " the Komsomol truth » has fixed new flying object of a unknown origin above the Red area. Some foretellers specified the beginning апокалипсических events on December, 21st, 2009, having moved notorious date of "Doomsday" for three years forward since December, 21st, 2012.

- We removed a panorama of the Red area on which the skating rink is located, - Alexander Bombin, the author of photopanoramas http://www.kp.ru. has told - But anything strange in the sky did not see. The object "was showed", when have looked
Till now no distinct explanation about the nature of two UFOS above the Kremlin is present. Experts of obscure Ufology put forward different versions which adequately would take a place in magazine " Murzilka ".

Disclose.tv Rods Over The Kremlin In Winter Video

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