Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Unknown Object Photographed over Rice Lake, Canada

Hi BJ, great day to share with you this June 2009, as always. I have been passed an odd photo from my friend Jack, from Ajax.

A new fellow at work has recently started a job with Jack’s firm. In conversation, UFOs in topic surfaced. Sal opened up to Jack, in telling his tales of what he and other Cottagers have witnessed through the years.

He also noted that many have been seen in the month of August mostly. I have spoken on the phone with Sal to follow up the details regarding these extraordinary pictures. Sal told me the following about these pictures he has kept up to today.

He sounded quite sincere in tone, as I feel the pictures are genuine. These pictures were taken by his daughter Leanna, back in August 2008. Sebastian, her 11-year-old brother, was also was taking pictures randomly that day.

They were traveling on Hwy 45 in the Kawarthas region, near Rice Lake. Leanna took many pictures as they traveled along up the northern road, near dusk, as illustrated. Many pictures were taken through the windshield, in testing her new camera heading to their cottage.

Later at home, Sal noted the image on the computer, and had no idea who to send these pictures to in sharing. He said there were other pictures taken before and after these two pictures. This strange square craft is only in the two pictures I sent, no others.

Talk about a picture that says a thousand words in description. For your eyes to examine this type of rare craft ? This is just another example of the many types/shapes of crafts flying out there around us, even here in Ontario!

Has there been one film similar in UFO Casebook’s Archives, or anywhere? Thanks again for helping others cope, that we are NOT alone.

Best Regards,

Paul Shishis

Editor's Note: The photographs shown below are quite compelling, and in answering my old friend's question, NO, there has not been a photograph that I can recall showing quite what these show. However, I pointed out to Paul that, depending on one's perspective, and the angle of the craft when photographed, an object that is triangular may appear to be square, rectangular, or any other shape.

I am posting two small photographs below created in Bryce 3D that will show this very thing. The objects in the two photos are exactly the same. The one on the left is tilted in flight. The one on the right is flying, and/or seen from a horizontal perspective. I am not saying for certain that the object in question is a triangle, only pointing out the possibilities.

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  1. ...in both pictures, the trail 'it' leaves behind has the same spacing between the darker, vertical bands. Do you see? IMO, it's on the windshield. This is reinforced by its bluriness. Even the trees in the pictures are better focused... and from a moving vehicle. That bluriness means its as close to the camara as the windshield. See how the vertical water marks on the windshield have the same type of out-of-focusedness as the 'object' and its trail?